Laparoscopic resections in the treatment of children with liver tumors: the first experience

A.B. Riabov1, 2, M.S. Kubirov2, A.V. Khizhnikov3, M.Yu. Rykov4

1. National Medical Research Radiological Centre, Moscow, Russian Federation;
2. Morozov Children Municipal Clinical Hospital, Moscow, Russian Federation;
3. Scientifi c and Clinical Center for Children and Adolescents of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia, Moscow, Russian Federation;
4. Tver State Medical University, Tver, Russian Federation

DOI: 10.52532/2663-4864-2021-3-61-27-30

УДК: 616-36-053:616-089

Год: 2021 выпуск: 61 номер: 3 страницы: 27-30

Скачать PDF: 2012.2-3.24-25_10.pdf


Relevance: Surgery is one of the main methods of treating patients with liver neoplasms. At that, minimally invasive surgical techniques facilitate the course of the postoperative period and rehabilitation.
The purpose of the study was the selection of optimal surgical treatment for children with liver tumors.
Results: In 2014-2020, five patients aged 3-9 years with liver tumors underwent laparoscopic resection at the Morozovskaya Children’s City Clinical Hospital (Moscow, Russia). Out of 3 patients with hepatoblastomas, two patients had stage PRETEXT I, one – stage II. All patients underwent radical surgical treatment (R0); in one child(4%), the resection volume was R1. The duration of operations did not exceed 60 minutes; intraoperative blood loss was within 10 ml/kg; no intraoperative complications were registered.
Conclusion: Laparoscopic techniques reduce surgery time and blood loss, prevent intraoperative and postoperative complications, shorten the hospital stay, decrease enteral and drug burden, and the need for chemotherapy. They also facilitate radical surgery and early patient mobilization.

Ключевые слова: pediatric oncology, surgery, laparoscopy, surgical oncology, hepatoblastoma, case report, liver, laparotomy.

Ссылка: A.B. Riabov, M.S. Kubirov, A.V. Khizhnikov, M.Yu. Rykov. Laparoscopic resections in the treatment of children with liver tumors: the first experience. Oncology and Radiology of Kazakhstan, 2021, 61 (3), 27-30.

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