Lung cancer mortality due to delayed treatment: Literature review

B.А. Abdurakhmanov1, Z.К. Avizovа1

1. South-Kazakhstan Medical Academy, Shymkent, the Republic of Kazakhstan

DOI: 10.52532/2663-4864-2021-2-60-36-38

УДК: 616.24-006.6+035.9-036.8

Год: 2021 выпуск: 60 номер: 2 страницы: 36-38

Скачать PDF: 2012.2-3.24-25_10.pdf


Relevance: Lung cancer is still leading in the structure of cancer incidence and mortality worldwide. Delay in appropriate treatment increases the probability of death from this disease.
Purpose: to study foreign scientific publications of recent years on the mortality from lung cancer due to delayed treatment.
Results: The analysis of global literature for 2010-2020 shows that any delay in lung cancer treatment after establishing the diagnosis reduces the survival rates. Recent studies provide a qualitative assessment of the effect of delay in treatment on cancer mortality for prioritization and modeling. The indications for surgery, systemic treatment, and radiation therapy in seven types of cancer, including lung cancer, evidence a significant association between delay in treatment and increased mortality.
The researchers believe that early diagnostics increase the treatment efficacy.
Conclusion: Analyzing the barriers to timely treatment for lung cancer can help clarify and assess the impact of delayed treatment on survival. Policies designed to minimize delays in treatment can improve survival outcomes.

Ключевые слова: lung cancer, non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), delayed treatment, survival

Ссылка: B.А. Abdurakhmanov, Z.К. Avizova. Lung cancer mortality due to delayed treatment: Literature review. Oncology and Radiology of Kazakhstan, 2021, 60 (2), 36-38.

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