Radiation therapy services during the COVID-19 pandemic

Y.I. Ishkinin1, R.Z. Ibrayev1, R.B. Raimbekov1, K.D. Datbayev1, 2, R.U. Akhunova1, K.B. Raimzhanov1, A.A. Goncharova2, G.M. Kaldarbekova1, Zh.G. Turlybek1

1. Almaty Oncology Center, Almaty, the Republic of Kazakhstan;
2. Kazakh Institute of Oncology and Radiology, Almaty, the Republic of Kazakhstan

DOI: 10.52532/2663-4864-2021-2-60-22-24

УДК: 616.006-98:615.849

Год: 2021 выпуск: 60 номер: 2 страницы: 22-24

Скачать PDF: 2012.2-3.24-25_10.pdf


Relevance: The outbreak of a new respiratory disease SARS CoV-2 (COVID-19), reported by China in December 2019,
significantly impacted cancer treatment. However, modern radiotherapy techniques remain in use during the COVID-19
pandemics. They include intensive modulated radiation therapy (IMRT, VMAT), image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT),
stereotactic radiosurgery, and radiotherapy (SRS and SRT).
The research aimed to compare the techniques used and the throughput of the linear accelerator before and during
the COVID-19 pandemics.
Results: The results were measured during nine months of operation of Almaty Oncology Center before the pandemic
(April-December 2019) and the similar period during the pandemic in 2020. The amount of high-tech radiotherapy services
provided before and during the COVID-19 pandemic equaled to (amount of sessions/ number of patients): conformal
(3D) radiotherapy – 6510/335 vs. 6005/286; IGRT – 9171/524 and 8977/551; IMRT and VMAT – 4208/190 vs. 5992/287.
The share of more complex methods of radiation therapy (IMRT, VMAT) has increased from 39.3% of sessions before
the COVID-19 pandemic to 49.9% during the pandemic. The number of SRS and SRT procedures performed/patients
served has also increased from 14/6 to 47/13.
The average amount of services per patient before and during the COVID-19 pandemic has changed as follows:
conformal radiation therapy – from 19.4 sessions to 21.0, IMRT and VMAT – from 22.1 to 20.9, IGRT – from 17.5 to 16.3.
Conclusion: During the COVID-19 pandemic, there was no decrease in the amount of radiotherapy services provided;
the use of more high-tech radiotherapy techniques has increased 1.4 times.

Ключевые слова: Radiation therapy, pandemic, COVID-19, cancer, linear accelerator.

Ссылка: Y.I. Ishkinin, R.Z. Ibrayev, R.B. Raimbekov, K.D. Datbayev, R.U. Akhunova, K.B. Raimzhanov, A.A. Goncharova, G.M. Kaldarbekova, Zh.G. Turlybek. Radiation therapy services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Oncology and Radiology of Kazakhstan, 2021, 60 (2), 22-24.

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