2022 год, выпуск 64, номер 2 (английская версия)

2022 year, issue 64, number 2
4 — 8 Zh.B. Telmanova, A.K. Axarin, A.O. Oralbek, S.T. Orozbaev, K.T. Kulayev, N.Z. Shapambayev, Y.K. Kuandykov, Z.A. Bilalova, G.S. Igissinova, K.R. Rustemova, I.O. Kudaibergenova, N.S. Igissinov.
The impact of Covid-19 on the incidence of rectal cancer in Kazakhstan: results of component analysis
9 — 13 S. Ossikbayeva.
ОDetermination of the synergistic effect of curcumin and carnosic acid on the proliferation of prostate cancer cells
14 — 18 J.M. Amankulov.
Association of natural killer cells activity with the incidence of colorectal neoplasia at screening
19 — 23 A.S. Panina, Zh.Zh. Zholdybay, E.K. Turkinbaev, T.N. Seisenbaev, A.U. Tusupova, A.A. Mukhamedzhan.
Characteristics of Lung-RADS 4A and 4B category nodules detected during lung cancer screening using low-dose computed tomography
24 — 27 Т.T. Amanov.
Suturing technique for esophagogastric and gastroenteroanastomosis during operations on the esophagus and stomach
28 — 32 A.K. Tulemissov.
An analysis of an integrated approach to carotid body tumor surgical treatment at the National Research Oncology Center (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)
33 — 38 D.R. Kaidarova, M.S. Dmitrenko, N.A. Chichua, K.К. Smagulova, R.Z. Abdrakhmanov, S.N. Kaldarbekov, P.B. Kalmen.
Male breast cancer treatment: A clinical case
39 — 43 C.A. Kopochkina, A.A. Goncharova, Z.D. Dushimova, A.N. Bykovskaya, K.A. Tokhmoldayeva, M.M. Zharaspayeva.
Medulloblastoma in a 16-year-old patient: A clinical case
44 — 48 Zh.U. Pyssanova.
Sternum tumor surgical treatment method: A clinical case
49 — 52 A.R. Satanova, D.R. Kaidarova, E.K. Kukubassov, O.O. Bertleuov, D.B. Kaldybekov, R.O. Bolatbekova.
Total vaginectomy for recurrent gynecological cancer: A series of clinical cases
53 — 58 K.V. Baktikulova, S.S. Kurmangalieva, V.A. Toymanova, Kh.I. Kudabaeva, E.Sh. Bazargaliev, N.S. Sagindykova.
The role of differential markers CD200, CD103, and CD11C in the diagnostics of chronic B-lymphoproliferative diseases by flow cytometry: A literature review
59 — 65 Zh.M. Zhumanbayeva, A.S. Кrykpaeva, A.S. Serikbaev, N.S. Rakhmatullina, G.T. Aitmurzinova, A.A. Seitkabylov.
Burnout syndrome among medical professionals: A literature review
66 — 72 K.E. Karakoishin, Zh.Zh. Zholdybay, A.S. Aynakulova, D.K. Toleshbaev, Zh.M. Amankulov, Zh.Zh. Zhakenova, A.B. Beisen, A.K. Kabidenov, N.A. Kashaev.
The current role of multiparametric MRI in prostate cancer diagnostics: A literature review
73 — 78 G.T. Nurmadiyeva, B.A. Zhetpispaev, D.E. Uzbekov, N.B. Sayakenov, Zh.U. Kozykenova, A.K. Kanatbekova, S.E. Uzbekova, A.Sh. Kydyrmoldina.
Radioprotective properties of phytomedicines: A literature review
79 — 83 A.R. Satanova, D.R. Kaidarova, E.K. Kukubassov, R.O. Bolatbekova, O.O. Bertleuov, D.B.Kaldybekov.
HPV vaccination role in cervical cancer elimination: A literature review
84 CHANGES to the Journal’s Manual for Authors
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