2021, 59, № 1 (английская версия)

2021 год, выпуск 59, номер 1
4 — 7 A.A. Bazarbayeva, R.Z. Boranbayeva, L.N. Manzhuova, K.S. Shakhmetova, G.K. Abdilova, G.A. Nurzhanova.
Experience in teaching cancer alertness to primary care doctors in the Republic of Kazakhstan
8 — 11 D.R. Kaidarova, O.V. Shatkovskaya, Z.D. Dushimova, B.Т. Ongarbayev.
Resolution of the Expert Council on the new approach to drug therapy for non-metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer
20 — 24 D.R. Kaidarova, Z.D. Dushimova, M.G. Orazgaliyeva, O.V. Shatkovskaya, S.T. Alieva, S.O. Ossikbayeva.
Molecular genetic testing for BRAF V600 gene mutations in melanoma in the Republic of Kazakhstan
25 — 30 A.S. Rakhimov, M.D. Zekebayev, A. Kuatbek, V.V. Dyachkov.
Comparison of dosimetry parameters of three-dimensional conformational radiation therapy and volumetric modulated arc therapy on the example of treatment of a patient with salivary gland adenocarcinoma
31 — 35 N. Trizna, Z. Kaliadich, E. Zhaleika, A. Evmenenko.
Dynamics of quality of life of patients as a method for evaluating surgical treatment outcome in oral and oropharyngeal cancer
36 — 38 K.T. Shakeyev, N.А. Kabildina, V.V. Lytkin, A.M. Zhumakaev, E.V.Kruk, B.U. Usembekov, A.M.Murat.
Results of chemoembolization in hepatocellular cancer and metastatic liver damage
39 — 42 А. Bekisheva, A. Makhneva, E. Satbaeva, G. Abyov, M. Remkulova.
Primary nasal cavity Ewing’s sarcoma in pediatric practice: A clinical case
43 — 46 T.A. Adylkhanov, N.S. Zhumakanova, G.S. Kamzina, M.A. Musulmanova, O.B. Andreyeva,
A.V. Lipikhina, Y.O. Sabekov, G.B. Bekkali, A.D. Musina.
Radiation injuries during combined
radiation treatment of locally distributed cervical cancer: A literary review
47 — 50 B.K. Tarakova, A.S. Kultayev, S.E. Yessentayeva.
The role of Vitamin D3 in breast cancer prevention: A literature review
52 — 53 In memory of Azat Ilyasovna SHIBANOVA (05.08.1933 – 07.01.2021)
54 — 54 In memory of Raiymkul Karakulovich KARAKULOV (13.08.1942 – 09.03.2021)
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