2019 год, выпуск 52, номер 2 (английская версия)

2019 год, выпуск 52, номер 2
3 — 7 S.T. Gabbasova, D.R. Kaidarova, R.K. Karakulov, A.S. Dzhazyltaeva. Colorectal Hodgkin’s lymphoma:
epidemiological features, the current epidemiological situation in the regions of Kazakhstan
8 — 14 D.R. Kaidarova, O.V.Shatkovskaya, Zh.Zh. Zholdybay, A.S. Panina. Lung cancer epidemiology in the Republic of Kazakhstan
15 — 17 Y.B. Izhanov, S.K. Menbaev, R.E. Kadyrbaeva. The role of catheter jejunostomy in the esophageal-intestinal
anastomosis failure: clinical case
18 — 21 D. Suleimenova, Zh.Zh. Zholdybay, A.S. Ainakulova. Pseudoangiomatous hyperplasia of mammary stroma: clinical cases
22 — 25 R.K. Karakulov, M.A. Kaynazarova, S.T. Gabbasova. Results of surgical treatment and immunochemotherapy of primary non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas of the orbit
26 — 29 M.Yu. Revtovich. Risk assessment of metachronous peritoneal dissemination after radical surgery for gastric cancer
30 — 32 T.N. Ansatbaeva, D.R. Kaidarova, G.Zh. Kunirova, Zh.K. Chingisova. Scientific and practical grounds for the model of mobile outpatient assistance to incurable cancer patients (short literature review)
33 — 37 A.B. Askandirova, N.A. Omarbayeva, A.Z. Abdrakhmanova, T.G. Goncharova, M.G. Orazgalieva, D.G. Adylbai, R.E.Kadyrbayeva. The role of epigenetic research in diagnostics and treatment of breast cancer
38 — 41 O.N. Omarbaeva, D.R. Kaidarova, Zh.K. Chingissova, A.Zh. Abdrakhmanova, L.B. Dzhansugurova.
Hereditary breast cancer: the mutation spectrum and prevention measures (literature review)
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