2017 год, выпуск 45, номер 3 (английская версия)

2017 год, выпуск 45, номер 3
3 — 5 D.R. Kaidarova. The national integrated model of cancer care in Kazakhstan klass
6 — 7 G.N. Ismailova, B.S. Duysenbayeva, A.A. Zharipova, E.I. Zhapparov, M.E. Tuleutayev. Low-dose computer tomography in lung cancer diagnostics
8 — 10 G.N. Ismailova, B.S. Duysenbayeva, A.A. Zharipova, E.I. Zhapparov, M.E. Tuleutayev. Main topics of I-ELCAP protocol – the Iternational Early lung Cancer Action Program
11 — 13 V.G. Dariy, I.O. Kovchegov, N.B. Anarbayev, S.A. Lyubko. Desmoplastic small round cell tumour: practical cases
14 — 19 M.V. Savostikova, E.Y. Furminskaya, Z.H. Eleubayeva. Modern approach in cytological diagnostics of lung tumours
20 — 21 I. Tazhedinov, Z.M. Amankulov, S.Z. Talayeva, S.K. Khussain, U.K. Zhalmukash. Prospects
of nuclear medicine in diagnostics and treatment of breast cancer bone metastases
22 — 24 N.M. Tulemisov, L.M. Yakupova, L.S. Unalbayeva. Comparative analysis of the results of screening and routine inspection on early detection of cervical cancer in West Kazakhstan region in 2015-2016. Proposals on further improvement of routine inspection
25 — 26 R.I. Bayankulov. Main difficulties of counseling cancer patients at the stage of acceptance of diagnosis
27 K.I. Dolzhenko. Treatment outcomes in patients with recurrent thoracic esophageal cancer after surgery
28 — 31 S. Yessentayeva, Z. Ilyanova, D. Arybzhanov, K. Barinov, Y. Ragulin, O. Lipatov, O. Ivanchuk, I.Drobner. Demographic and clinical-morphological features of patients with metastatic breast cancer with over-expression of Her-2 / neu receptors based on the results of the PH + oeBE study
32 — 51 Materials of the International Congress “PROGRESS AND CONTRADICTIONS IN GYNECOLOGICAL ONCOLOGY & MAMMOLOGY” under the aegis of CGH/IGCS/EURAMA
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