2017 год, выпуск 43, номер 1 (английская версия)

2017 год, выпуск 43, номер 1 (английская версия)
7 — 11 Kaidarova D.R., Kayrbayev M.R., Bolatbekova R.O.
Strategy of cervical cancer primary and secondary prevention
12 — 18 Zhylkaidarova A.Zh.
Gastric cancer incidence and mortality dynamics in Kazakhstan in 2004-2014
20 — 22 Zholdybay Zh.Zh., Zhetpisova D.M., Kozhabekova A.E., Akhmetova G.S., Zhakenova Zh.K.
Capabilities of computer tomography in gastric cancer diagnostics
23 — 27 Olzhayev S.T., M.A. Seysembayev, Lazarev A.F.
Vascular endothelium dysfunction in patients with gastric cancer and its correction
28 — 31 Izhanov E.B., E.Sh. Abzalbek, Menbayev S.K., Sadyk M.S.
Modern strategy of surgical treatment of gastric cancer
32 — 36 Khussainova I.R.
Psychological assistance to stoma patients. Psychological aspects of rehabilitation
37 — 39 Zholdybay Zh.Zh., L.B. Aitzhanova, A.A. Myrzaliyeva, O.V. Isayko, J.K. Zhakenova, E.G. Sokolenko.
The role of X-ray examination in gastric cancer diagnostics
40 — 42 Makulbekova S.K.
The influence of polymorbidity on the results of treatment patients with gastric cancer and pancreatic cancer
43 — 46 Olzhayev S.T., Seysembayev M.A., Lazarev A.F.
Correction of endothelial dysfunction in patients with
cancer of the head of the pancreas and its clinical outcome
48 — 51 Kuzikeyev M.A., Azhmagambetova A.E., Dzhumanov A.I., Lashkul S.V., Nasrytdinov Т.S., Seysenbayeva G.T.
Rectal cancer incidence trends in Northern and Central Kazakhstan
52 — 56 Abzalbek E.Sh., Azhmagambetova A.E., Seysenbayeva G.T.
Epidemiology of esophageal cancer in the Republic
Kazakhstan in 2006-2015
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